Today’s housing situation is a precarious one to say the least. Property and real estate prices are still too high in many places in comparison to incomes and salaries.

The insecurities that the “economy” provides only serve to cause one continuous worry and leads to many restless nights.

However there is one security you have – and that is you. What many people fail to realize is that the obscure “economy” is actually a sum of all products and services provided within and without the town, city, state or country. It is nothing mysterious. It is not something “we can’t do anything about,” as our contribution to the work we do is the basic building block of the economy.

Alas even goverment does not understand this. They raise taxes in order to handle deficits, when in actuality their governing of the country should result in a bettered economy, leading to more taxable income. If the government does not govern properly, and the economy worsens then it is logical that less taxes will be paid. Why should the citizen then be punished for government’s lack of governing? No, it’s the governments who should realize that they need to increase their servicing of the country’s industries to improve the economy, not punish them for their own mis-governance.

What does this have to do with purchasing or renting an house? Basically one has to do a thorough and honest evaluation of one’s income, and based on this choose a property that they can responsibly maintain financially. developed for the responsible property owner and consumer, who understand the principles above and who are aware of one’s foremost security – oneself.