You’ve been out house hunting and aren’t sure whether you should be buying a bungalow or a two-story home. Two-story houses can often be bigger than a bungalow since they require less land space to give more floor space in the home. Bungalows on the other hand don’t have stairs, which is a great benefit to anyone that can’t or has a hard time climbing stairs. While there are benefits to both types of housing, here are some of the main benefits of owning a bungalow.

You’re setting yourself up for retirement

When you’re 90 years old do you really think that you’ll be wanting to climb stairs to head to bed? Probably not. If you’re looking at a home on a long-term basis and think that you’ll inhabit it far into your retirement years you should be thinking of a bungalow. Stairs just aren’t going to cut it for most senior citizens.

Perfect for visitors

If you’re in perfect health now and figure that you’ll remain young and spry for years to come a two-story home might work out well for you but what about your visitors? If you want to invite anyone to your home that has a difficult time managing stairs you may run into problems. If there is only one bathroom and it is located on the second floor, you’ll be eliminating some of the visitors that you could possibly invite into your home. If you’re looking at having houseguests for a night or two you’ll also have some difficulties if you don’t have sleeping arrangements to offer on the main floor. Bungalows are perfect for visitors of all types.

No more worries with kids

When you have stairs in your home and young children it is inevitable that they will take a few tumbles down them during the years. If you’re the type of parent that worries about your kids having accidents, you’ll want to avoid stairs and look for a bungalow instead. Kids love to race up and down the stairs and no matter how careful you tell them to be, kids will be kids. Get a bungalow if you’re concerned about your children tempting fate with stairs.

Bungalows put everything into reach on one floor and you’ll be able to avoid the whole stairs issue when you own one. There are a lot of people that would never look for any other type of housing other than a bungalow and for good reason. They are the best home for retirement and the safest type of housing for raising a child.

Jessica Josh is a freelance author who writes about Real Estate and Property tips for her local Sydney market.


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