Website traffic to many Real Estate portals is beginning to show rapid growth. Friends and colleagues around the world are reporting a fast pick up this month after a very lethargic and crippling run up to the Christmas period.

In our own case – The Khusan property portalhas peaked with more visitors than ever before (with the exception of the initial launch weeks).

So what is the trend and who is showing such a big interest in the Real Estate market?

There is undoubtedly a cautious but healthy desire to look at selling property. The financial crisis and the huge amount of misinformation about whether the markets are recovering or will continue to fall has spurned many property owners to rethink their strategies and perhaps get their properties onto the resale markets now.

Particularly the USA, Canadian, United kingdom and some Asian markets are leading the onslaught this month to sell property.

In some areas a stand-off is beginning to emerge between buyers waiting for property prices to fall even  further and sellers being totally unrealistic about the price they’re willing to accept.

So whilst there may not be many areas where high profits can be achieved – certainly, 2011 will be highly volatile for the property market with major movement as far as transactions are concerned.

The Khusan property classifieds portalis certainly an excellent indicator of trending for us. We are seeing more properties coming on to the market and more people looking to buy. The Khusan concept is based on the ‘For Sale by Owner’ premise where property owners can advertise at no cost and users interested in a property contact the owner directly. Khusan, as the portal owner has no intermediary role between buyers and sellers. However, it is definitely not limited to this target group. No one is excluded from advertising their property or their requirements on Adverts include comprehensive info about properties and Google Map positioning.

Sporting the motto “Khusan? You can!”, the international property listings trading portal has excellent pre-launch reviews and introduces a speedy search function to help find properties fast and with precision.

The property portal is at home in Amsterdam, Holland and has been painstakingly engineered around the open source CMS framework Drupal, which was also instrumental in the creation of the official website for the White House and President Barak Obama. Is that a good thing or a bad 🙂