The value of money keeps depreciating with time and the sooner one realizes the truth behind this statement, the better it is because you can then make worthwhile investments. When it comes to making investments, it is better to not follow the crowd and go with the stereotypical options but rather look for new ways of investing so that one can stay on top of the game and have fun with the investment market. In the modern world that we live in today, investing in the student lettings market could be a great decision because not only does this type of investment bring a good return but it is also not associated with any major losses or risks.

The rental sector of the market is definitely one of the most underrated sectors because people do not find renting profitable due to its traditional image. The truth is that investing in student lettings is a great way of obtaining a stable and steady source of income regularly. People are often dissuaded by the idea of investing in student lettings because they aren’t a very common or well-known investment option however, the lack of popularity does not hide the truth that such investments are definitely lucrative.

Today, there is a lot of need for getting a good degree if one wants to land a decent job. Without a degree, it would be very difficult for individuals to climb the career ladder. Therefore all students and aspiring professionals are interested in enrolling themselves in institutes, colleges and universities so that they can pursue higher studies and obtain a useful degree. With the number of students taking admission in such educational institutes, the need for student lettings arises because these students require a place to stay.

One of the best things about investing in student lettings is that such investments offer the highest rental yields at non-exorbitant prices. According to many investment experts, student properties are conceived to be one of the best performing investment options, if not the best! Therefore if you have a sufficient amount of financial resources then you should consider investing in the student lettings market because the rental income of these lettings increases by roughly 5% every year and as far as the returns are concerned, the average figure is about 12% per year.

Student life is not easy and apart from looking for jobs or going to work and attending your classes, there is a third necessity in a student’s life which is to have a roof over your head. Therefore if you have a student letting and it is situated in a strategic place then you will definitely get a lot of students coming over to you not only to enquire about the rates for renting the room at but also to stay in your student accommodation. Another strong reason as to why you should invest in student lettings is because students are easier to handle as tenants as opposed to adults since the former aren’t all that fussy. If you get a buy-to-let property from Newcastle Student Housingthen you should immediately take it up and not wait until it disappears.


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