general information

This site is made to make it as easy as possible for you to find a property or to find a candidate for taking over your property.

The home page works a lot like Google – fill in the search term(s) to locate the ad that fits by you. Once on the listing page, you can use the advanced search option to zoom in even more to what you’re looking for.

We have tried to make the site as intuitive as possible, so hopefully you will find it easy to navigate and will quickly master getting around on the site and finding the ad for you.

replying to an ad

Replying to an is done using the light blue envelop icon “Contact the owner”. Enter your name, your email address and any message you would like to give the advertiser, and submit this.

This email will be sent to the advertiser, who can then respond back to you using the email address you entered.

why make an account?

If you plan to place two or more advertisements, it is easier to make and keep organized your ads. This is not mandatory.

placing an ad

A new is created by the Create Advertisement button.

Give a title explaining the type of property and location you are searching for real estate in. Then enter an indication of the price you want to pay for rent or buy.

Next you are asked to fill in a location. Make sure to spell the city name correctly, and then choose the country and province where that city is located. After choosing the country, type in the first letter of the province and it will provide you with a dropdown list of the provinces beginning with that letter. Choose the appropriate province.

Make sure to choose the “Wanted” option.

Choosing a property category is explained in the Ad Location [link] section of this Help page.

Enter the number of rooms that you require and an approximate size.

Then give a good description of exactly what you are looking for, also giving a description of yourself for the potential seller or landlord to see. This you can further enhance by choosing the property features you desire.

Important is to choose a Property Type at the end, giving the type of area where you would like to rent or buy.

Preview gives an overview of the ad with the possibility to still make changes. Once you’ve pressed on Save, your ad is placed on the site and editing it is only possible by going into My Account.

bookmarking ads

When searching for a fitting property for purchasing or rental, you may come across a number of properties that interest you. By bookmarking these using the book & bookmark icon, you create an overview of desired ads for comparison.

trouble shooting

As we are just starting up, we are not aware of any issues as of yet. Should you have troubles, please use either the feedback option on the left side of the page or the contact form at the bottom to let us know.

general information

Khusan is set up for but not limited to owners who wish to advertise their real estate directly on the Internet (For Sale By Owner).

making an account

To create an account, use the Register button. In line with our classifieds structure, making an account is as easy as entering a username, your email address and your first and last name. A confirmation email is sent to your account containing a password with which you can login.

placing an ad

A new is created by the Create Advertisement button. After filling in the location as below, choose the “Offered” option.

Choosing a property category is explained in the Ad Location [link] section of this Help page.

Next, photos can be uploaded one by one. The larger the photos, the longer the upload.

There is also a video option, allowing for the placement of a video from Dailymotion, Google, Sevenload, Vimeo, YouTube or a custom URL. Video’s cannot be uploaded, so make sure that if you have a video to upload it to one of these sites and then you can link it to Khusan.

ad location

Khusan uses Google Maps to show the exact location of your property. In order to be able to do this, the street name and number, the town, province/state and country must be entered.

Only the country and province can be chosen from the database on the site. The street name and city are to be spelled by oneself. As the search function in this site is spelling-sensitive, make sure to enter the correct English spelling of the city and street address.

ad details

There are numerous categories and sub-categories available for correctly classifying your ad as well as for the search for ads. Below is a detailed description of each of the different classifications.

Offered / Wanted

Offered:Merchants (owners, Realtors, leasers, trustees) placing their advertisement for the sale or lease of their property
Wanted:Consumers (individuals, companies or third parties) placing an advertisement with the need for a property, either to buy or rent.

Property Category

Property Category define a generalized category for the selection of property. This is based on the transaction type offered or wanted as well as the property markets available.
Property for sale:any type of residential property that is put up for sale.
Property for rent:any type of residential property that is put up for rent.
Swap property:any type of residential property that is put up for swapping with another residential or other property.
Commercial & Office Space:property used for business and industry.
Parking & Storage:parking and storage facilities.
Land:undeveloped property.
Vacation:those vacation properties rented or leased for limited durations.
Other:Expat, short-term, project and other properties.

Property Sub-category

Property Sub-Category define the actual property type, be it a house, apartment or office space. This is chosen after choosing the Property Category.
Room / Sublet:a singular room having shared facilities – bathroom, shower, kitchen etc.
Apartment / Flat:one or more rooms having its own facilities, as part of a larger complex having numerous apartments. Townhouse apartments also fit under this heading.
House / Duplex:those properties that own everything from the roof down to the ground and are used for living in.
Mansion / Villa:a large house consisting of 10 or more rooms.
Estate:the grounds surrounding a mansion including such things as a swimming pool, tennis court and stately gardens. This may or may not include the mansion.
Castle:the actual thing or a large magnificent house built to resemble a fortified castle of the past.
Farm:those houses presently used or used in the past for farming purposes. This may or may not include the property around the farmhouse.
Vacation:those vacation properties rented or leased for limited durations.
Office Space:space in an office building, normally with all utilites included in the rental price.
Office Building:the complete building, containing either one or more companies.
Factory / Industry:a building set up and within city planning for the performance of manufacturing.
Warehouse:a storage building.
Shared:an office building using central facilities to cater to the different companies housed there.
Community:an office buidling provided in a business park with mutual utilites, security etc.
Parking Place:a parking place with a valid ownership of property or parking rights.
Garage:a covered space for a car, either open or with garage door.
Storage:a storage space for furniture, materials and the sort.
Container:a shipping container on an approved property.
Building Commercial:land with town planning approval for the building of commercial properties.
Building Residential:land with town planning approval for the building of residential properties.
Agriculture / Farming:land with town planning approval for agricultural and farming activities.
Reserve:land protected by law and to be used only for reservation ends.
Hotel / Motel / Inn / Bed & Breakfast:commercial establishments offering lodging to travelers and sometimes to permanent residents, and often having restaurants, meeting rooms, stores, etc., that are available to the general public.
Camping:a place where a group of persons or an individual is lodged in a tent or tents or other temporary means of shelter, often providing facilities, swimming pool and central meeting house.
Hostel:an inexpensive, supervised lodging place for young people on bicycle trips, hikes, etc.
Ex-Pat :temporary or permanent housing for a person living in a different country from where he or she is a citizen, often for business purposes.
Project:resident or commercial housing projects for investment and other purposes.
Short-Term:for those offering or seeking short-term housing.
Other:any property-related advertisement, such as mortgage notes, etc.

editing an ad

Ensure that you are logged into your account. Go to My Account and press on the My Advertisements tab. Here is a listing of all the ads that you have placed. By choosing the edit icon (to the right of the the ad you want to edit), you will get a page in which all fields of the ad are made available for editing.

removing an ad

In the My Advertisements tab in My Account is a listing of your ads. Choose the remove icon (to the right of the ad) when you want to remove this. A screen will come up asking you the reason for removal. Filling this in helps us to even better service our advertisers.

account maintenance

When you click on the Edit button in My Account, you can change your email address and/or password.

bookmarking ads

When searching for a fitting candidate for your property, you may come across a number of candidates that interest you. By bookmarking these using the book & bookmark icon, you create an overview of desired ads for comparison.

are all ads free of charge?

Yes. Khusan, you can!

trouble shooting

As we are just starting up, we are not aware of any issues as of yet. Should you have troubles, please let us know by using either the feedback option on the left side of the page or the contact form at the bottom.

why use Khusan?

Currently there are two major options available for those promoting or searching for property. Either you can go to a real estate site or you can go to a classifieds site. Both offer many options, however we find that they also offer constraints.
If you are someone who would like to maintain a total overview of what is happening with your property offered or wanted ad, or someone who would like to find the exact property that suits you, then Khusan is the site for you.
As we are a classifieds site exclusively for real estate and property (however you prefer to call it), you get almost all of the benefits of a realtor site while maintaining the ease of a classifieds site. And the best benefit of all – all ads are and will remaing free of charge.

who can use Khusan?

Anyone. Home owner, realtor, real estate agent, apartment owner, tenant, individual, business owner, ex-pats, land owner, trustee and all the other possibilities regarding the buying, selling, renting, leasing, swapping and trading of property.
And what can be advertised? Anything – that has a roof over it.

human nature

As about 1 of 5 people have some anti-social tendencies and 1 of 40 people are truly anti-social, it’s important to know some things about property transactions.

safe trading tips

Make sure you are properly informed about the rules and regulations of the country in which you are doing your property transaction if you are not already familiar with them.

If you don’t feel yourself competent in judging the value or condition of a property, make sure to involve a licensed specialist.

making a transaction

The best way to avoid a fraudulent transaction is to get yourself educated. The Internet is full of helpful tips to avoid scams and such. There are many indications when a person is offering you a scam – the most evident being that the person does not want to release information, such as address, numbers and other revealing information. This is the first indication, however there are many more that when you can discover them, will help you to avoid that expensive scam.

The best advice also: when under pressure, take your time. These are the moments that the scam artist can take advantage of you. Get full contracts with full details and referrals and ensure to wait for these – don’t go rushing off into a deal until you are sure it is genuine. And always ask for a receipt when handing over cash money. This one is from personal experience.

meeting a potential seller/buyer

When invited to view a property, never go alone.

Never agree to bring cash, unless you have already viewed the property, have the papers in hand and have checked their validity as well as the authenticity of the person selling you the property.