Today the number of people searching for homes and the number of online resources available continues to grow, so using the internet as the most effective way to find properties has become really important.
Khusan.comhas harnessed the advantages of the world wide web and created a Real Estate Classifieds portal that allows both buyers and sellers alike to advertise free of charge in an international arena. Whether those properties are for sale or for rent or a house is being offered or wanted – khusan makes the task very simple and effective.

Just in Europe alone, several million residential properties are changing hands each year. Having the opportunity to search for these properties from home is a huge advantage in terms of the time saved and footwork no longer required. Khusan makes your search simple and you can be sure of getting the best deals available.

Khusanhas become a dynamic and innovative online classifieds listings service. Ads are free and the portal is built around this basic concept. However, in order to facilitate a better ranking in the listings – advertisers will soon have the option to feature their listings at the top of each search result page for just a small fee.

This second phase which is to be introduced over the next weeks will give advertisers a marked presence when site users are searching for properties in a particular area. Khusan will display Top Listingson the first 4 or 5 positions of each page to allow properties to be seen and clicked on quickly and in a very short time.

Khusan was launched last April and is growing fast. Currently the portal has several thousand properties – so if you want your property to be found easily and rapidly – now is the time to advertise it and get maximum exposure.

The whole concept is based on the ‘For Sale by Owner’ premise where property owners can advertise at no cost (or for a small fee to feature the property) and users interested in a property contact the owner directly. Khusan, as the portal owner has no intermediary role between buyers and sellers.

If you are selling or buying property – If you are looking for a FREE Real Estate classifieds portal – Then visit  www.khusan.comKhusan? You can!