Even though we’ve entered one of the highest competition markets on the Internet – Real Estate– we can say that the first quarter of Khusanwent very well.

Currently 1,300 real estate and property offered and wanted ads have been hand-placed by individual advertisers from more than 70 countries worldwide.

The foremost source of advertisers is by far Googlewith its AdWordscampaign.

We’re also running a broad Social Mediacampaign. Our different Twitteraccounts have amassed almost 5,000 followers to begin with. Our Facebookpage has an expanding network of friends and recently we stated CPC advertising. We’ve also made YouTubeand MySpacepages and these are also building up a following. Along with that we are using the exposure of sites like Squidoo, Flickrand others to make sure that people know that Khusan Real Estate Classifiedsexists and is for their use.

Bloggeris another tool we have been using more and more. Our two main blogs, outside of our WordPresssite blog, are Khusan Propertyand Property Trading Place. These are filled with stories, tips and observations regarding the real estate and property market, both on local and international levels.

Second Quarter

The next area we will start exploiting, as real estate scores highest in Social Media with this per HubSpot, is LinkedIn.

Also we are about to start with a newsletterto use for communication with all registered users and subscribers. We will start with surveysto get the opinions of our users about the site. Next a newsletter will be produced announcing the different features of the site, current as well as those to come in the future. Again the surveys will determine for the largest part what the newsletters will contain.

Soon we will launch a slide showand a videooption for a very small fee. As you can see, our site is free and our basic ads will alwaysbe free. We will also refrain from putting any other advertisements on the site to keep fully focused on the purpose of Khusan – getting consumer and merchant together for the transaction of properties. ‘Badvertising‘ is something we strictly avoid. So that only leaves using premium features for ads, where advertisers can upgrade their ad for better visibility for a micro-fee.

We look forward to an expansive new quarter! And… Khusan? You can!