Looking into the CMS Real Estate Demo, I discover that it was hosted by Navegabem Web Design(Portugese for “good surfing”) web design company operating from Madeira Island in Portugal. I sent an email and the next morning I had Chris, the CEO and Chief Designer, on Skype. We hit it off directly. We discussed how we could use Navegabem’s extensive knowledge of real estate and property sites. I showed him the stats of Marktplaats.nland showed him that this is what we were going to emulate and he was sold. Within a matter of days I received a proposal that I could not refuse. Khusanwas born!

Khusan’s listing page

Important next steps – a business partner and investors to guarantee success to Khusan. I was on a roll and within a month and a half I had my ideal partner – Roland, a former colleague of mine dating back to 1996 and recent Internet enthusiast. Two more months of research and contacts and I had an investor. Nothing more to stand in our way. We determined the launch date to be 14 June 2010. Chris, his chief programmer Eddie (web design Valencia), Roland and I put our efforts together to achieve this. We browsed many real estate classifieds and property listings sites to ensure our functionality would meet current expectations and yes, Khusan Real Estate & Property Classifiedswas officially launched on 14 June this year.

Currently we are just under 1,000 hand-placed real estate advertisements from more than 65 countries across the globe to end off our first quarter of operation. Next quarter we want to achieve the 10,000 property offered and wanted ads and on up from there. Khusan? You can!