The Free Real Estate classifieds portal Khusanwhich is both for property sellers and property buyers has been voted ‘best property site of the year’ by Madeira island based full service digital marketing, development and web design agency Orangeweb – Web Design.

Navega Bem, which is the company that actually developed the Khusan project ran an in-depth analysis of the sites it has produced this year and took into consideration the  marketing effectiveness, clients comments, user comments, traffic and search engine visibility.

Chris Szabo, MD of Navega Bem explained “We simply wanted to understand how our websites have performed and what our clients have actually gained from their new web presence.”

“This has not been an analysis of any sites other than those we have produced ourselves. We have a very effective after sales service. We certainly do not abandon our clients once a project is completed and we know it is in our interest to make a site as successful as it can possibly be. If our clients have success – we will have success. To this end we run comprehensive Social Media campaigns after each site launch.”

“The KhusanReal Estate Classifieds portal was one of the most challenging projects we have developed in terms of the enormous number of competitive sites that already exist in this field. Our analysis results have been conclusive – Khusan is the best Real Estate site we have developed – not only of 2010, but of all time. We also feel that the private self-catering holiday portal ‘Easy Holiday Rentals‘ is certainly of equal stature in terms of design – but it was just a hairs width behind in terms of marketing effectiveness.”

Local internet guru Liam Gonçalves finds the whole thing very suspicious and states “Navega Bem are actually voting for a site that they have developed themselves and are only comparing it with their own sites! So whatever, the outcome they would have a website that was voted best Real Estate site of the year.”

It looks as though Liam has hit the nail on the head. Certainly ‘Khusan’ don’t seem to mind, as they have for sometime believed that they have one of best Real Estate Classifieds sites on the whole world wide web.

Khusanis the brainchild of a company in Amsterdam with a high level of know how in the realty market and is tipped to be the new google of property classifieds with an innovative and super fast real estate portal that offers free ad placement to anyone searching for or wanting to advertise their property online.

The Khusan portal is developed around the Drupal CMS framework. Visit Khusan – The International Real Estate Classifieds Portal here.