Yes, you read that correctly! Guest Blogging!

The Real Estate Blog of Khusan free real estate classifieds and listings is looking for guest bloggers.

Why invite guest bloggers?

Why guest blogging at all? Well, we have to confess something here….
As the founders started with this great Real Estate platform that is, of course a Blog should be integrated too.
But as a lot of you out there know, writing posts for your blog isn’t that simple and foremost it’s time consuming.

Because all founders of have their own businesses, it became harder and harder to keep up writing Real Estate related posts.
Furthermore, and this would be our second confession, we all have succesfull businesses, though Real Estate is not our core business as in being a Realtor or Real Estate Agent or Real Estate investor.

But, pursuing our goal to provide the wider public with a platform that addresses everybody that has something to do with houses or property in general, we got the idea of inviting writers and bloggers to do guest blogging for us.

We strongly believe this creates a win-win situation if some of the basic rules of guestblogging in the wide field of Real Estate are adhered to.

The basics of all good blogging applies to guest blogging too, so:

  • Write content that is unique and hasn’t been used elsewhere previously (we use copyscape to check that)
  • Break posts up with images, bullet points and headings (we can help take care of that with you, text is key)
  • Write your best work. Blog posts to a blogger are like paintings to an artist. They’re your portfolio and show you off.
  • Keep the piece relevant to Real Estate content and what you’ve have published in the past (Ref. buying, flipping, mortgage, shortsale, …)
  • Provide as much value as you can to the new broad international audience you’re interacting with

This will bring the win-win situation:

  • If you write good content for our site, you’ll have your posts approved and you’ll receive the benefits that guest posting has to offer.
    That would be backlinking, building more credibility and reaching wider audience
  •  We on the other hand will get quality content to support our Real Estate portal, building as such more credibility too and generate more traffic for our advertisers who are looking for property.

So, if you’re up to engaging in this win-win situation, please use the feedback-button on the left side of Khusan.comto contact us with your suggestion of the Real Estate related article or post you could write for our blog.

How do you feel about this initiative?